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Essential Oil Diffusers

BY Jen

Essential Oil Diffusers

As you may already know from some of my posts, I love essential oils. I use them in a lot of my homemade beauty and home products and have a variety for different uses. They have incredible healing properties and are also a great way to naturally make your home smell lovely. Diffusers are one of my favorite ways to use essential oils and are a must have in my house. In their natural state, the oils are extremely potent and can be dangerous if not diluted or used properly. Diffusers are great for beginners as they allow you to get the benefits of essential oils at a lower potency. I am going to go over a few different diffuser options. This is not a complete list, but these are the types that I use.

1. Ultrasonic Diffuser
In an ultrasonic diffuser, you add water with a few drops essential oil and it disperses a super fine, cool mist into the air that you inhale. This is my favorite type of diffuser. It works great for employing the healing benefits of the oils or just enjoying their fragrance.

2. Reed Diffuser
You may have seen this DIY reed diffuser post awhile ago. I love these for adding a lovely scent to my house. They are super easy and inexpensive to make and as opposed to a lot of store bought reed diffusers, they are all natural. All you need is a glass bottle, water, some vodka, essential oils and diffuser sticks. Get the directions here.

3. Candle Diffuser
Candle diffusers are an great way to disperse the aroma of essential oils throughout your home. You just put a few drops of the oils in the top and a candle heats them from below. If you are trying to diffuse for health benefits, this may not be the best as the heat can change the makeup of the oils, but they will make your home smell lovely.

4. Diffuser Jewelry
This one is new to me, but Starr Healthy Self was kind enough to send me one of their diffuser bracelets. It is a beaded bracelet that has a porous clay bead that you add a couple drops essential oils to. Once the oil dries, you wear the bracelet and enjoy the aroma on the go. A cute and fashionable way to enjoy essential oils. Isn’t that great? If you are interested in purchasing one of these bracelets, head over to Starr Healthy Self and use the code ASIPOFBLISS15 for 15% off your order.

Do you use essential oil diffusers in your home? Which kind is your favorite?